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PHP is a server-side scripting language. It stands for Hypertext Pre-processor, whilst previously it was an abbreviation for Personal Home Pages. PHP is applied in developing Web applications and Static- or Dynamic websites. PHP must be installed on a server for the interpretation of PHP scripts. PHP is extensively used worldwide for establishing high quality websites!

What is a Web Developer?

A web developer is a specialist who develops web applications. His work can include various roles which include: front-end; back-end; UI development; full-stack and more. For these different roles a variety of skills & knowledge are required in some regions. PHP is used by PHP-developers as an extensively used scripting language, building websites; programs & applications which are used by computers to accomplish functions.

Furthermore, PHP developers are also responsible for troubleshooting, writing and to test & maintain source codes for computer-programs. Such a code must be reusable, well documented and has the ability to be changed to fit changing requirements. In general PHP programmers are working for independent contractors or companies on an interim basis.

Their key skills include: Troubleshooting & Analytical skills, good concentration & detailed oriented. Similar occupations include: Software Developer, Computer Support Specialist, and Web Developer.

Other functions of PHP developers may include:

  • Programming databases
  • Testing & debugging the new programs
  • Cooperating with other departments; ensuring quality & timeliness
  • Developing front-end & back-end applications
  • Keeping In mind PHP security issues
  • Working on prevailing projects or start new projects
  • Render assistance to team members regarding problem solving


Rs.12,000 Rs.15,000

  • 8-10 Weeks
  • 10+ Practical Projects
  • Lifetime Access
  • Access Of Private Facebook Group


  • Basic Knowledge Of Computer
  • Passionate About Programming
  • Creativity & Patience Needs

Skills required being a successful PHP-Developer:

  • Being able to integrate different databases & data sources into one system
  • Exceptional knowledge of basic PHP or web server-exploits together with solutions
  • Complete comprehension of the entire synchronous behaviour of PHP
  • Capable of understanding the accessibility & security compliance
  • Experience of SQL / NoSQL-databases
  • Efficiency regarding code versioning tools

The Benefits of PHP


Other languages require long scripts, whilst PHP is able to do the same amount of work in only a few lines, using code which results in having unmatched control over websites. Furthermore, it is easy to edit whenever you want to alter something.


PHP is straightforward and easy to learn in comparison with other languages. Are you familiar with C of Perl syntax? Well if it is the case you will quickly and easily learn PHP due to the fact that it is straightforward to understand syntax.


The performance of your website can be enhanced due to PHP. It is not only reliable, but also scalable, especially when you are dealing with a large amount of web pages.

Cost Efficient

PHP is an open source and therefore free of cost, whilst you don’t need to purchase some expensive software! You can build your website with the minimal expenses.

Platform Independent

It assists all the key web browsers such as Windows, Linux, MacOs or UNIX.

Accessibility to support

A vast number of people are using PHP, thus forming a large community. Where ever you are experiencing trouble, a lot of support is available.


PHP applies its own memory resulting in the server’s workload & loading time is automatically reduced, leading to a faster processing speed! Where web apps such as CRM or eCommerce are concerned the development time is reduced.

 Render Support to All Servers

PHP renders support to all the dominant web servers; whether it is Microsoft HS or Apache; also supporting personal web server and Netscape.


PHP poses to be a highly secured method when it comes to developing websites as well as web applications. PHP has a security layer rendering protection against threats & viruses.

Trusted, Tested & Proven

Millions of people used it for more than 20 years and its abilities have been proven, tested and trusted by the majority of developers.

Skills which a Professional Web Developer should Have

HTML: forming the basis for web developers to advance to other languages whilst understanding how the Web functions.

CSS: it concerns the site’s visual appearance and is vital for front-end developers, to observe how an app is interacting with the design; also necessary for back-end developers.

Choice of Programming Language: Learn another language because HTML is just a mark-up one; popular languages include: ASP, PHP, Perl, C++ & Java. PHP is seen as a leader.

JavaScript: Web development has three layers: content or structure layer; presentation or style layer & behaviour. Excellent HTML-knowledge is needed for the 1st layer; knowledge of CSS is necessary for the 2nd layer, whilst the JavaScript-language is necessary for a greater user experience; defining how an app or web page will behave.

Improvement of SEO knowledge & Mobile Support: A vital and useful skill for any web developer is to be capable of building responsive websites which can function efficiently on different devices.

Administering a Server:  Basic knowledge about server administration is important. This will assist you to be able to communicate with server-admins. 

Improving your design sense: You need a basic knowledge of certain design principles. Although typography, image usage and layout principles are not compulsory, you can develop into a valuable and successful web developer.

Developing project management skills: This is a skill valuable for every individual. Project and time management skills can assist you to finish tasks faster and more successful. Want to follow a career as a web developer? Then begin with the basics – HTML, JavaScript & CSS and develop other skills too, including design sense, time management, programming, perseverance etc.


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