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If you planning to learn graphic designing in 2018 all you need to do is to focus on below mentioned points, as this skill set is on the peak of its requirement and there are few factors that are participating in increasing the market demand in coming months and years. So in general it’s high time to be a graphic designer as the market demand is going through roofs at the moment.

  1. Scope
  2. Tools/Skill set to learn
  3. Where to look for training


Rs.12,000 Rs.15,000

  • 8-10 Weeks
  • 10+ Practical Projects
  • Lifetime Access
  • Access Of Private Facebook Group


  • Basic Knowledge Of Computer
  • Passionate About Designing
  • Creativity Needs

Scope of Graphic Design

According to a research conducted by top freelancing websites and job  portals there are 20 skill set that will be in high demand in 2018 and coming years, and among those skill sets graphic design and video editing/animation are at substantial place. According to another freelancing portal one of the highest paid gigs will be of graphic designing due to the boost in Digital Marketing. With the emergence of marketing platforms of Facebook, twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn companies requires graphic designers who can create visually and aesthetically pleasing ads. Do note this thing that not only big companies but also the small units are looking to advertise on such marketing platforms. Subsequently they are bound to hire a graphic designer for the job.

Tools/Skill set required in Graphic designing market

There are two parts of it, first tools then the required skill set on basis of these tools. For graphic designing you need to have a sound grip on Photoshop and illustrator apart from other small tools like corel draw. As 70 – 80% of market demand can be catered with the help of these tools. Next step can be getting hands on experience on video editing tools like after effects and premiere pro/final cut pro. This is after you have sufficient experience on illustrator and Photoshop.

The most important thing to know is what skill sets you should have in arsenal in order to meet the market demand. Most of the students who know the basics of graphic designing lacks in this section, as they are not able to know what is market trend. As mentioned before with the emergence of social media marketing the dynamics of market has shifted and tilted towards visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing Ads. so skill sets in demand are in how to make good Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Pinterest ads, how to design modern and sleek website layouts.

Where to Look for training

As there is plenty of content on the internet that can teach you bits and pieces of graphic designing. But unfortunately not everyone is hitting the right cod to help you cater the market demand. As same goes for the graphic design institutes, they are more focused on tools training rather usage of tools in practical field. So if you are planning to learn graphic designing in coming months or this year you have to keep in mind these points before selecting training institute.

What makes us unique/what we are offering in Graphic Design course

Apart from tool training we will install the skill set that is required to survive as graphic designer. We believe in practical project training so you will learn how to use the tools to make practical projects like Facebook ads, Instagram ads, website layouts for both print and digital media.

We will also share our clients case studies and will share our experiences to help you in finding the right employer and clintage.


The team of Bexpert.pk consists of highly dedicated, experienced and skilled professionals! Not only do they have years of proven work experience in graphic designing, but their training is presented on live projects, resulting in top of the range designing abilities! After completion of their courses you will be equipped with high quality knowledge in graphic designing. It is a fundamental principle of Bexpert.pk not to outsource their lecturers to tutor their students.

Bexpert’s professional mentors have a permanent in-house facility who will keep in touch with their students even after achieving the course. They offer their support to enhance your career in graphic designing. Below are a number of our graphic designing-courses reputable features which make us the top-end choice when it comes to selecting the best graphic designing school in Lahore.

What You Will Learn?

  • Packages in Graphic Design Packages – All Levels
  • Exciting and Diverse Techniques for Developing Graphic Skills
  • Designing Course Created by Industry Professionals
  • Degree Level Tutors and Industry Experts
  • Course Monitoring – One on One
  • Most affordable Fee Structure
  • Free Guidance After Class
  • Range of Designing Methods
  • Career Suggestions

About Instructor

Ali Raza Shakir

UX/UI Designer