Whats Cloaking And How It Can Affect Your Site in 2019?

Whats Cloaking And How It Can Affect Your Site in 2019?


Why we need Cloaking in 2019 seo? Answer is very simple it’s a black hat technique that manipulates Google algorithm. 

Whats called cloaking in terms of SEO ?

  • To cheat search crawlers buy showing text rich pages rather than actual thing content pages
  • To redirect a different page or set of html tags rather than a real images or flash based pages
  • To put target keywords on a page in a manner that they remain invisible from the search users (you try to show this only to search crawlers but not to human being) .You keep the text color as background of your website.

Manipulate the search algorithm is Temporary Trick:

If someone has an aim to get high ranking by showing a full content rich pages for example, webmasters of flash based sites or image based sites, then it will get penalty from Google.

You cannot cheat the users intentionally. So,

Best solution to counter cloaking?

If you have flash based site or images based sites or thin content sites then add little bit short summaries along with each image or flash then your site will come into white hat technique.

Or you can use shorten urls for content rich pages.

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